Научный журнал “РИМ Университета” Современный юрист.

The journal publishes the results of scientific researches on actual problems of modern legal sciences (12.00.00) specialisation: theory and history of law and the State; history of teachings on the law and the State (12.00.01); Civil law; business law; family law; international law (12.00.03); Criminal law and Criminology; Criminal-Executive law (12.00.08); Administrative law, financial law, information law (12.00.14); Civil process; the arbitration process (12.00.15).

The journal is interdisciplinary and international in scope, its focus:

Stimulating scientific debate;

Publication of materials on the most topical issues of law;

Promoting reform of legal education, the development of the educational process, including the development of new educational programs;

Strengthening of cooperation between Russian and foreign higher educational institutions and scientific centres;

Increased cooperation between Russian and foreign scientists-theorists and practitioners;

The involvement of young scientists and teachers in the scientific and professional community life;

Organization of round tables, conferences, scientific readings and other events.

The main vector of research focuses on the concept of high legal culture development of the rule of law, civil society and the strengthening of national accord in Russia, such basic values and principles of society, of the rule of law, the priority of the human being and his inalienable rights and freedoms, ensuring reliable protection of the public interest.

An important element of the concept of The Modern lawyer is its focus on consolidation of Russian scientists and representatives of the CIS and foreign countries, to create a unified platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge and practical experience.

Scientific journal “Modern lawyer” has international identification number ISSN 2304-960X and is published at intervals 4 times a year.

The Modern lawyer – is distributed as a subscription (via the press of Russia (Treaty No. 602 from November 12, 2012), subscription index 41272), and educational and research institutions, with the assistance of which it is issued.

All articles sent to the editor of the journal, are obliged to undergo peer review and selection process for compliance with the profile of the journal and the requirements of WAC.