Second International Scientific and Practical Conference «Economic Reality – XXI Century. Legal Protection, Economics and Intellectual Property Management»

International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI)

Russian-Italian International University (RIM University)

Financial University under the Government of the RF (FinU)

kindly invites you to participate in the

Second International Scientific and Practical Conference

«Economic Reality – XXI Century. Legal Protection, Economics and

Intellectual Property Management»

26 March 2021, 12:00-18:00 Moscow time

(ICSTI Headquarters, 21-B Kuusinena St., Moscow, and via ZOOM)


Being an integral part of strategies for the innovative development of national economies of the countries of the world, intellectual property management faced a number of serious challenges of the 21st century (economic crises and pandemic, transition to a new level of technological development and digitalization of the economy, online learning, etc.). Unevenness of patent activity, difficulties with the circulation of rights to the results of intellectual activity, unclear identification of priority areas for innovation in scientific and technological development, low efficiency of implementation of large-scale programs of higher education and advanced training of specialists in the field of protection and management of intellectual property require a comprehensive analysis and, taking into consideration it results, development of practical recommendations to the national governments.

The aim of the conference is to identify the main difficulties and ways to overcome them in the field of legal protection, capitalization and management of intellectual property in Russia and other countries.

Main topics for discussion:

– legal aspects of the protection of intellectual property objects;

– the impact of intellectual property on business capitalization;

– the specifics of the commercialization of the results of intellectual activity (RIA);

– the value of intangible assets and criteria for the effectiveness of RIA commercialization;

– promising models for the analysis and assessment of the commercialization of RIA;

– effective training of highly and advanced qualified specialists in the field of intellectual property management.

The working languages ​​of the conference are Russian and English (without translation).

Representatives of government agencies and business circles, scientists and experts, young researchers are kindly invited to participate.

Informational support of the conference is provided by scientific journals: “Information and Innovations”, “The World of New Economy”, “Modern Lawyer”, “Accounting. Analysis. Audit”, “Economics. Business. Banks”.

As a result of the conference, it is planned to publish reports and articles.

The terms of participation:

– register here  [] (term – till  March 22, 2021);

– send a scan for payment of the registration fee in the amount of 1500 rub. here [].

Contact persons:

Dr. Lyudmila KUPRIYANOVA, PhD, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Department of Economics of Intellectual Property, FinU; Vice-President of RIM University, , +7 (905) 546 82 38

Dr. Olga BELOVA (ANDREEVA), PhD, Associate Professor, Counsellor to ICSTI Director,, +7 (910) 482 55 80